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Mrs Tamara Reznick

Tamara Reznick was brought up in Edgware and lived there until she married Rabbi Zechariah Reznick who runs the Beis Hamedrash in JLE. They now live in Golders Green with their 4 really cute children. Tamara is an ex Hasmo girl who has gone on to obtain a degree in education and is now working on her Masters in Education. Her work experience includes teaching at both primary and secondary Jewish schools. She currently heads the Young Couples Programme at the JLE which she started 4 years ago. The programme runs weekly classes on fascinating practical contemporary issues as well as offering one to one sessions in marriage preparation classes / parenting courses / mentoring for young marrieds and new parents and much more. Tamara is actively involved in arranging shidduchim and helping people smoothly navigate their way through what could otherwise be a daunting experience.