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Rabbi Benjy Morgan

Born in New York City, and raised in the UK, Rabbi Benjy Morgan spent 14 years studying in the top Rabbinic Training Academies in the world. He received Semicha from both the Rabbinical Supreme court in Israel and the Jerusalem Kollel in 2010. 

He is an award winning public speaker and lecturer, and an avid singer and guitar player. Rabbi Morgan leads many annual trips abroad, weekly lectures, events and Friday night dinners that are held for hundreds of Young Professionals in the JLE Centre and in many venues around the world.

As CEO, Rabbi Benjy Morgan is responsible for the innovation and strategy  of the JLE in the 21st century. He oversees the education across the five different departments in which the JLE operates. He guides 35 dedicated staff, and dozens of weekly programs that service over 1000 individuals each week.