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Rabbi Shua Bitton

Originally from North London, Rabbi Bitton is a graduate of some of the world’s premiere Yeshvivas - Ponovitch in Bnei Brak, Mir in Jerusalem and of the Ohr Lagolah Hertz Rabbinic Institute. Rabbi Bitton received semicha from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, and holds a Bachelor of Judaic Studies from Tanenbaum College and a teaching Certification from the Israel Ministry of Education. He has previously served as a Maggid shiur for five years in Yeshiva Kesser HaTalmud in Jerusalem, and since he returned to the UK in 2013 has been a Campus Rabbi for JLE / Genesis.

Outside of work Rabbi Shua is a creative song-writer. He has written and collaborated with top artists like Shloime Gertner, Benny Friedman, David Gabby, 8thday and Yossi Green as well numerous charity projects. 

Rabbi Shua is married to Judith and has three wonderful daughters.