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We've run out of space! But we have a solution!

50 Students, 3 Rabbis and 1 Mini - What happens next?

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We may not be the big red building on Golders Green Road, but the JLE building is a London landmark nonetheless.

Those with long memories may remember the Lincoln Gate Shopping Centre or possibly even Woolworths that once occupied the space, however since 1996 young Jews have been using the building as an educational and social hub.

From humble beginnings, Chairman Rabbi Danny Kirsch -  the founder and visionary of JLE  - started with a Friday night dinner and 12 students. To-date JLE has hosted and taught over 5,000 classes. Our senior lecturers - Rabbi Tatz and Rabbi Hersh - have been giving innovative and wide-ranging seminars, Shabbat lectures and public talks since the late 1990s.

But what type of person makes the decision to walk up those stairs into our premises for the first time? Well there have been Japanese tourists who assumed the JLE was a London must see site, as well as the individual who was convinced G-d had spoken to him the day before and given him a mission and of course those who thought the JLE was an extension of the gym. But the majority of our patrons have a different set of questions that they want answered. Their curiosity and interest is about 21st century Judaism.

Our clientele is made up of people ranging from their late teens who are at schools across the capital, through Campus students in London and the provinces, to young professionals just starting out on their career path and young marrieds who are setting up new homes. 

We now face the challenge which all successful communities eventually need to deal with. Having arrived on Golders Green Road twenty years ago, with a staff of five, and teaching 12 weekly classes, the current demands have stretched our abilities beyond our ability to provide, both in terms of physical space and the programmes that need to be run.

The good news is we have a solution. We have negotiated a space which would allow us the potential to expand to 1.5 times our current level, from 1,000 to 1,500 weekly students and from 6000 feet2 to 9,000 feet2.

We will have a 24-hour period, starting on Tuesday 14th November, in which to raise £375,000. If we are successful in raising the full amount, three other matching donors will take that total to £1.5million, allowing us not only to continue our programmes, but to expand the success that we have had for the past 30 years.

Join us as a partner in this exciting venture, by donating on Tuesday 14 November at